Cam girl scammer alert! Beware of a girl calling herself VICKY SUNN

Hi guys and gals,

There’s a person(I’m really not sure of their actual gender) going by the name Vicky Sunn, claiming to be a cam girl. They claim to have won a AVN Award in 2012 for “Webcam Starlet”(a category that didn’t exist AT ALL that year), and to also be a supermodel for ELLE magazine. Here’s the thing, though - when you Google her name, all you get is HER OWN WEBSITE, and a post about how she tried to conn a few cam listing sites by using a recorded video during verification. Her website also lists Western Union, Paypal, and several other ridiculous and dangerous payment options for her shows.

Her website is also basically empty. You can check it out here.

EDIT: She also claims to have one Miss Myfreecams in June, October, and November 2010, but this is not true,

June 2010: LovelyKittie
October 2010: AspenRae
November 2010: CandieCane

EDIT 2: The pictures she uses are of the porn star ANNA ANGEL.

Now, tell me..what SUPER MODEL and AVN AWARD WINNER would have a website like that, and not a member site, or at least a website like mine? What HIGH-PROFILE PERSON would be so okay with handing out personal information to her customers by using the payment processors she uses? How come when there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about her on Google or Bing? What PROFESSIONAL would have a website that looks THAT TERRIBLE? Her photo gallery has one picture. Her “videos” section has one blurry video. Her header was clearly made in MS Paint.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that this isn’t a real person. I’m curious as to how many people have been conned or scammed by whomever is running this operation. Please reblog this so your customers know not to fall for it!

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    Please, darlings, stay away from this. It’s the wise thing to do.
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